At Route, we are passionate about helping brands and businesses to tell their story. Throughout what has been an extremely challenging period, we directed our efforts towards amplifying the campaigns and messages of helplines around Wales that were continuing to operate throughout lockdowns.


DAN 24/7 – utilising our digi vans to create dialogue around addiction

DAN 24/7 is a free and confidential drug and alcohol helpline, offering support and guidance for people that are struggling with addiction within Wales. In 2020, The Office for National Statistics reported a 31.4% increase in alcohol sales during the first lockdown. DAN 24/7 have continued to operate throughout each Welsh lockdown, providing a 24-hour support system for people that are struggling.

Using our digi vans, we promoted DAN 24/7’s campaign across Wales. Considered timing and placement of the vans meant that their campaigns could be seen by people driving by; slotting DAN 24/7 into conversations and creating important dialogue around the topic.

C.A.L.L – opening up the conversation around mental health

C.A.L.L. is a mental health helpline for the people of Wales that offers 24/7 support. Living through such difficult times, it is increasingly important to look after our mental health and wellbeing.

With the driving force of this campaign being exposure, we worked with C.A.L.L. to create a campaign that would be visible across Wales using our digi vans. The campaign was timed to ensure it was connecting with audiences whilst consistently delivering a message to the people of Wales that there is always help out there if you need it.

Route goes Global with Live Fear Free and Welsh Women’s Aid

Live Fear Free is a domestic abuse helpline that offer support and advice for people experiencing violence within their homes. The helpline is totally free of charge and operated throughout each Welsh lockdown.

For Live Fear Free, it was vital that this campaign was as accessible as possible for the people of Wales. Throughout February, we worked with Welsh Women’s Aid and Live Fear Free to produce a campaign that went out into communities across Wales in 11 different languages. The first multilingual campaign for Team Route. This meant we were increasing the exposure of the helpline considerably as more people would be able to interpret the campaign, ensuring more people would be able to rely on their fundamental services.

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