There are a variety of outdoor advertising opportunities. At Route Media, we are outdoor media specialists that work with our clients to help them the create the perfect campaigns for their brands and products.

 In this piece, we will be examining:

1. What is outdoor advertising?

2. What are the different types of outdoor advertising available at Route?

3. Coming soon to Route...


1. What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home advertising (OOH advertising), it truly does what is says on the tin, to use a well-worn advertising phrase. OOH is literally any kind of advertising that reaches consumers outside of their home.

Why do we use outdoor advertising? We use outdoor advertising because ultimately, the goal is to build positive brand awareness or sales for our clients through informative and engaging campaigns.

With OOH reaching 98% of the UK population at least once a week, and the average UK adult spending over 3 hours a day out and about, the different types of outdoor
advertising are the perfect opportunity to match brands with the right audience in the right environment; creating advertising campaigns that are not simply seen but are remembered.


2. What are the different types of outdoor advertising available at Route?

At Route, we have many different types of outdoor advertising. We believe in creating memorable campaigns that cut through the noise of stadiums, turn heads on roads, and ensures the attention of shoppers. So, how do we do this? 

We do this by slotting your brand into some of Wales’ key locations - including Cardiff Airport, Westgate Street, 91 digital car parking units across Cardiff City Centre (that issue over 1 million tickets per year!), and a network of advertising opportunities in North Wales.  

Let’s dig into this a little deeper.   

Cardiff Airport

Working with team Route means the ability to work with Cardiff Airport and their fantastic advertising opportunities; giving your business presence in a highly influential space.  

Route's airport presence includes indoor screens, outdoor screens, totems, wall vinyl’s, light boxes and more. All located in heavy footfall areas in an airport that welcomes 1.6 million passengers every year.   

With 71% of air travellers having more time to read advertising messages at the airport, it's the perfect place to build out brand recognition. For more information on our Cardiff Airport capabilities, head to Route Media’s website. 

Westgate Street

Westgate Street is based in the heart of Cardiff City Centre; bordered by bustling restaurants, social spots, and is also en route to two of the largest sporting venues in Cardiff - The Principality Stadium and Cardiff Arms Park.   

Route identified significant advertising potential in this space and located a digital screen on the corner of the street, making it visible to those walking, driving, or cycling by on both Castle Street and Westgate Street.  

Outdoor advertising is all about reaching consumers when they are outside of their homes, and what better way to do that than with an advertising screen that has a potential weekly reach of 211,000 people?   

91 digital car parking units

Route are thrilled to be working with Cardiff Council providing outdoor advertising opportunities on selected pay and display machines across Cardiff. Not 1, not 10, not even 50, but 91 machines across Cardiff City Centre and Cardiff Bay.  

Advertising on our car parking units will give your brand a presence in some of Cardiff's key locations whilst building up that all important brand memorability. Join organisations like Cardiff and Vale College, Ron Skinner and Sons, and our latest collaboration, The Welsh National Opera, and span your campaign across the whole of Cardiff City Centre. Now that’s the #RightRoute.    

North Wales Network 

Recognising the advertising potential in heavy footfall North Wales locations, Route now has a variety of different out of home capabilities across the region. Through a mix of contactless sanitiser stations and totems, Route can slot your brand in front of a potential 12 million people per year.   

With advertising capabilities in highly influential spaces such as entrances and exits to shopping centres, your outdoor advertising campaign will target shoppers, tourists, and locals alike.   


3. Coming soon to Route... 

We have lots up our sleeve to continue to allow our clients to reach their desired audiences at the desired time. 

You’ve worked hard on your different types of outdoor advertising campaigns; you shouldn’t have to hope your ad will reach your target audience by chance – work with Route and we can guarantee it.  


Want to work with us?  

We are passionate about helping brands to achieve their advertising goals. We can offer you scale, creativity and a team of experts to support you on your mission to build brand awareness.  

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