Now Wales has moved into Alert Level Zero, yes there are events happening in Cardiff throughout August!

We are so excited to finally be able to resume utilising our services and offerings to help to promote events and drive interest. We have three fantastic events happening in August, some we are promoting using our digi vans , some we are hosting and some we are promoting on our iconic Cardiff Westgate St screen:

  • Summer of Smiles festival promoted through the digi van
  • Summer of Smiles festival promoted through our Westgate St screen
  • Cardiff & Vale College 3-day promotional event

1. Summer of Smiles Festival - Digi Van

In collaboration with Hello Starling and Cardiff Council, we have been promoting the Summer of Smiles festival around Cardiff. Using our digi vans , which are known for building rapid awareness, we have been promoting the campaign right across Cardiff to increase interest in the festival and boost word of mouth recommendations. 

The festival is taking place between 25th June – 29th August 2021 in Cardiff. Booked through Hello Starling, we are working with the child friendly Cardiff event to boost recognition, drive sales and raise interest.

The Summer of Smiles festival is hosting a multitude of events throughout the summer – head to their website now to view the event’s line-up and to book your tickets:

2. Summer of Smiles Festival - Westgate St Screen 

To maximise exposure and reach, Summer of Smiles are also utilising our Westgate St screen in the heart of Cardiff city centre. With tens of thousands of people visiting the street each week, it is the perfect spot to slot your campaign into a part of the consumer’s conscience. Our Westgate St Screen is a must for businesses, especially local ones, trying to maximise on campaign exposure. 

3. Cardiff & Vale College 

On the week commencing 9 August 2021, Cardiff and Vale College have hired our events screen for 3 days on Cardiff’s Queen Street.

Cardiff and Vale are utilising our events screen to tie in with exam results and recruiting 2022’s students. They will be using our screens to play video motion content, in English and Welsh, over the 3 days – giving prospect students all the information they need to learn about life at Cardiff and Vale College whilst allowing their message to reach a mass audience rapidly and effectively.

For more on this, keep an eye on our socials.


We were so excited to see the return of OOH (head here to read more of our thoughts on this) and now, we are thrilled to be able to get back to promoting and hosting events. From providing events screens for sporting events to driving audiences to festivals and shows, Route has an impressive history of utilising digital screens to create an impact.

If you are the organiser of an event and would like to book our event screen, it is brilliant for:

  • Displaying images, text, live data, and video
  • Displaying imagery with a large and seamless appearance
  • Displaying campaign messages indoors, outdoors or in brightly lit environments

Or, if you are looking to use our services to promote your upcoming event, Route’s digi vans:

  • Provide the perfect dynamic moving media solution
  • Have the impact of traditional OOH but with more creativity
  • Generate high rates of public engagement due to interactivity
  • Can be utilised all over the UK, but our team of experts can advise on audience demographics and geographical position based on your goals

Want to work with us? 

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