If you’re looking to BOOST brand awareness, then OOH advertising is your secret weapon.

It’s advertising that can’t be skipped, blocked or ignored – ensuring your message impactfully connects with your audience. Here at Route, we specialize in both digital and static OOH, crafting eye-catching campaigns that captivate audiences wherever they are.  

Reach a wide audience!

With OOH, you can be seen by consumers in high-traffic areas, whether it’s a bustling city center, a popular shopping center or a busy motorway. Essentially, it’s a “One-to-many” medium. Take our North Road D48 sheet for example, the site reaches around 286,104 people each week plus commuters and residents.

North road screen

Targeted Advertising

Unlike traditional mass media, OOH advertising can be strategically placed where your target demographics are. This allows for maximization of your marketing efforts while minimizing potential waste of resources. Our partnership with Cardiff Blues was placed on our Westgate St large format screen attracting an estimated 177,624 people per week. The location is prime on event days at the Principality Stadium as it’s situated where visitors will be entering and exiting the grounds.

Westgate screen


Unlike other marketing channels, OOH advertising offers non-stop visibility without draining your budget. Picture your brand displayed on a city billboard reaching countless potential consumers each day. Delivering high impact and a broad reach at a relatively low cost can empower your business to achieve impressive marketing results.


OOH’s versatility provides numerous methods for your brand to tailor its messaging to suit specific locations and audiences. At Route, our product portfolio consists of, digital vans, event screens, brand ambassador billboards, programmatic and digital signage.

Digital van

Digital vans are ideal to launch a new product, promote an event or boost your visibility in a specific area. Its unparalleled flexibility and dynamic engagement enable your business to deliver high impact advertising that stands out on the move! Our recent collaboration with North Wales Police is a great example of this in action.

OOH advertising is a game changer for businesses looking to make a big impact. Route’s solutions are your ticket to success! Embrace the possibilities and let us guide you in making your mark in the vibrant world of OOH. Contact us here