• Ellis Williams - Wales Netball

    “We used Route Media’s screen on North Road to advertise our Celtic Dragons fixtures. The campaign went live on Monday, by the Wednesday we had 224 tickets sold and by the Friday we hit 500 ticket sales!”

  • Mike Scott - Ogi

    “Digital ads take on a new lease of life when you put them on a van and travel around a community. We recently used Route Media’s digital services to promote our offers locally – including a sector-leading price freeze for 2023. The two days spent driving around the target areas saw a direct correlation with visitors to our website and, ultimately, an increase in sales. “It’s such a unique way to get a message in front of a target audience!”

  • Angling Direct

    “We used Route Media digivans to promote the opening of our Southampton store. We had a 2-day campaign with artwork stating opens tomorrow/now open. The team made everything easy, the communication was great and when we had to have a last-minute change of copy to reflect a price change, they had us live on the vans within the hour. We had the busiest grand opening we have had, with our highest takings. We are looking forward to future projects where we can work together.”

  • Mike Webb - S3 Advertising

    “S3 Advertising worked with Route Outdoor on a recent campaign for our client Cadent Gas. The target areas were Liverpool, Manchester & the West Midlands and it ran for just over 2 weeks. Our campaign was managed perfectly from start to finish. As the campaign planning was very targeted, we were very thankful to the team at Route as they were able to accommodate all of our requirements. We were also kept us in the loop with van locations and photography on a regular basis so we and the client could see the campaign in action. The results were fantastic so we will certainly be using Route again very soon.”

  • Paul - Watches of Wales

    “We have loved working with Route to create the perfect campaign that is currently being showcased across Cardiff Airport. The location is ideal for increasing our brand exposure as the message is being viewed by a vast range of people daily; some of which have gone on to become customers of Watches of Wales.”

  • Rhys Blumberg - Cardiff Blues

    “The LED screen has been a real asset at games, allowing us to clearly communicate to the crowd using a mix of text and video. As an added bonus, Route make the process hassle free by assembling and dismantling with very little disruption.”

  • Tom Gogan - Cardiff University

    “Route’s Cardiff Airport screen has given us a unique space to share our messages with visitors to and from Wales. The picture quality and ease in which you can change artwork has been essential in promoting different campaigns for Cardiff University."

  • Nick Saunders- Depot

    "We've worked with Route for the last 2 years on our venue and festival promotional campaigns. It's been great to get the visibility in areas that we couldn't get to before."

  • Nathan - Nathaniel Cars

    “I would highly recommend using the ambassador billboards – I’ve used them many times and every time they deliver. No matter the venue or the weather they get our message across.”