Digi Vans

Our fleet of digi vans (digital ad vans) provide the perfect dynamic moving media solution. The efficiency of digital amplifies the impact of a traditional billboard advertising with more creativity, generating higher rates of public engagement.

To get the best results, our vans can be utilised all over the UK but we recommend you speak with our team about your desired campaign so they can advise on:

  • Audience demographics
  • Geographical position
  • Suitable days and times (based on your campaign requirements)

Brand Ambassador Billboards

Sometimes you need a personable solution and unlike the traditional billboard, our walking, talking advertisements allow your messages to reach more people, faster. A solution we call the “Walking Billboards”. Designed to ensure your campaigns are delivered with the same effectiveness as a traditional billboard but with the benefit of human interaction; communicating with your audience and future customers.
Our standard advertising boards are high impact whilst our video and sound enabled boards allow you to maximise impact and communicate your message in a variety of ways.
You’ve a few seconds to make an impact and in our experience, consumers respond better to information when it is clearly displayed. Less is definitely more to make a lasting impression.

Ad Bikes

Our ad bikes are perfect for taking your message around city or town centres and are a great way to build and grow your brand. Our mobile six sheet style posters give you all the benefits of a static site with the advantage of being able to take your message directly to the consumer. Our strategically placed bikes ensure that your campaign is seen by both your target audience and future customers.
You provide the artwork; we create the perfect posters, and our promo staff take them on their travels around the city into the viewing range of thousands of potential customers.

Event Screens

The future is bright for digital screen hire.
If you’ve not met our mobile LED screen, you’re in for a treat.
It’s already toured the UK to broadcast international sporting games, showcase match scores and display a number of brands at festivals. Although compact on arrival, once set up the screen is 5m x 3m with a full 360 degree rotation. The screen is at the forefront of digital technology and its vibrance can grab an audience’s attention in some of the busiest environments.