Reach thousands of Wrexham fans, students and even Ryan Reynolds himself through our digital and static inventory!

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Double-sided Mega 6

Estimated reach of over 410,970 people per week!

Perfect for targeting visitors entering and passing the Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre, located in the city centre.

Digital 48 Sheet

Estimated reach of 100,000 people per week

In a prime location with thousands of visitors to an ever-growing fandom of Wrexham AFC, a large university, and several retail parks, we can guarantee high foot traffic!

Static 48 sheet

Reaching over 85,000 people per week.

In close proximity to the bustling city centre and busy shopping outlet, you're bound to capture attention!

Across Rail…

Estimated reach of over 40,000 people per week.

Choose from a number of static options located in the flowing Wrexham General Train Station.



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