Our fleet of digivans (digital advertising vans) combine a dynamic, moving media solution with all the benefits of traditional out-of-home media. Our digivans feature three digital screens, two on the side and one on the rear.

The illumination and ability to use motion artwork and sound*, engages your audience more than a traditional static billboard. Our digivans can cover locations across the UK, giving you more flexibility to reach audiences in areas without other advertising options.

Our digivans are perfect for promoting store launches or re-fits, and the ability to specifically target audiences by locations works great to campaigns which need to reach specific audiences.

Dive into your campaign data with our facial detection software!

We understand how important date is to you, which is why we have installed facial detection software onto our digivan fleet.

This software enables us to provide you with hour-by-hour reporting on pedestrian and vehicle footfall, as well as dwell times and performance by location.

This data enables us to provide you with a campaign performance report, with insights into your audience to help with ROI reporting.

Benefits of digivan advertising

Digivan advertising provides a wealth of opportunities for clients including;

  • Flexibility; our digivans can cover locations across the UK. If you want a digivan in Cardiff city centre on a rugby day, we can make it happen!
  • Facial detection software; get more back from your campaigns than ever before with our new capabilities
  • High impact; each van is fitted with three high-quality LED screens. Depending on location, we can also play full motion copy and use sound.

Artwork tips

  • Less is more, if you have a lot of text we recommend splitting this over multiple artwork slides which we can rotate between
  • Creative must not resemble a traffic signal
  • Motion artwork can be used when the van is facing fully pedestrian audiences
  • Download our artwork spec sheet here



*full motion copy and sound subject to location