Out of Home Makes a Comeback

With people confined to their homes, lockdowns and restrictions have meant that the Out-of-Home advertising industry has had to be smart when it comes to delivering audiences for clients. For Route, this meant flexing the power of our digivans which allows clients to follow audiences right across the UK even when people’s destinations are limited.


With 98% of consumers being exposed to some format of OOH advertising each week and 83% of people admitting to remembering OOH ads they saw within the last 30 minutes of going shopping[1], it was vital that the advertising industry saw the much-anticipated return of OOH. With restrictions easing across the UK and Wales and retail and hospitality beginning to open back up, we are starting to welcome back consumers into heavy footfall areas. 

Footfall and Brand Awareness

With OOH playing a crucial role in consumers’ path to purchase, outdoor advertising can support brands in maximising brand awareness and effectively, driving customers to store. With advertising that is carefully considered and timed to location, Route can put your campaigns in front of the people you want to target.  

Utilising Car Parking Screens

As Route continues to grow and evolve, we have secured the contract to advertise across a network of 91 digital car parking units across Cardiff City Centre. Located across heavy-footfall locations, these units offer access to commuters, tourists and the considerable student population of Cardiff. With 1,040,842 parking tickets issued per year, advertising through Route’s digital car parking screens offers brands maximum campaign results through strategically placed messaging in Cardiff’s key locations. 
Route’s versatile and strategic leveraging of out of home advertising has seen us take on one of Cardiff’s largest screen networks, meaning by choosing Route; you are choosing maximum exposure for your brand within Cardiff’s advertising space. The #rightroute. 

Want to work with us? 

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