Route Media are pleased to announce that we are an official media partner of Swansea City AFC, for their 2023-24 season.

Swansea City, a prominent Welsh professional football club competing in the Championship, boasts a dedicated fan base and calls the iconic Stadium its home.

We’ve expanded our presence in Swansea and since acquiring a contract with Transport for Wales, we now manage over 700 rail and roadside sites across Wales and the border, including Swansea train station.

This strategic partnership positions Route Media as an invaluable platform for the promotion of Swansea City AFC. Our prominent locations around the city, like our new static 48-sheet perfectly positioned outside the stadium, provides opportunities to effectively promote the clubs upcoming matches and exclusive membership offerings to over 500,000 people per week.

Fraser Dickson, Head of Digital at Swansea City, said: “We are so pleased to extend our partnership with Route Media for another year. Route Media’s digital media solutions offer us a great way to reach our supporters across various locations in Wales. Their out of home advertising has played a key part in our marketing strategy for the last few seasons now, and we look forward to continuing the partnership over the next year.”

Kylie Glassar, Head of Marketing, explained: “We’re really pleased to partner with the club for another season. This collaboration, combined with our digital advertising network in Swansea, presents an exciting opportunity to promote the team across our inventory.”

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