There are many things to consider when creating and implementing an advertising campaign. At Route, it's not a one size fits all approach. 

This piece will be looking at what makes a good advertising campaign. At Route, we aim to create a fluid strategy, not just to create good advertising campaigns, but help brands with campaigns that are memorable, evoke feeling and build brand recognition. 

Our process:

    • Consultation & brief
    • Campaign planning
    • Graphic & content design
    • Implementation of campaign

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Focusing on our latest advertising campaign with Cardiff & Vale College, this case study is looking at how to use mobile media to create a strong advertising campaign. 

1. Consultation & brief

Our campaign process always starts in the same place – a consultation session with the client to determine what they are trying to achieve and how we can help them get there. 

So what makes a good avdertising campaign for Cardiff & Vale College? This meant an initial session where they discussed their desire to create a campaign that would reach a mass audience and would be rolled out to tie in with GCSE Result’s Day. The aim of the campaign was to inform prospective students about life at Cardiff & Vale College, in the hope that they would apply to join for the upcoming year.

2. Campaign planning 

CAVC then met with our campaign manager (head here to meet the team) to discuss and decide the best way to reach potential university students on GCSE results day. Although our digi vans are a brilliant resource to communicate campaigns country wide; CAVC wanted to specifically target prospect students in Cardiff. To best achieve this, we suggested that they utilise our events screen to create an advertising campaign that could be slotted into the heart of Cardiff City Centre; targeting the exact audience they wanted to reach.

Based on the time of the advertising campaign, we strategized to place the event screen on Queens Street in the city centre of Cardiff.

3. Graphic & content design 

For this unique project, Cardiff and Vale College wanted to display audio video content for their advertising campaign. CAVC wanted to utilise the events screen to share inspiring stories of students from their university so it was vital that our screens not only looked & sounded good but the visuals were strong too.

4. Implementation of the campaign 

The advertising campaign was live for 3 days in the heart of Cardiff City Centre, meaning a huge reach for CAVC. 

As of 2018, there were:

    • 362,000 people living in Cardiff
    • 88,000 daily commuters into Cardiff
    • And 80,000 students in Cardiff

Utilising our events screen and mobile media (including digi vans, ad bikes and brand ambassador billboards) is the ideal way to create advertising campaigns that are memorable, personable, and that get your campaigns seen and heard by the right people, at the right time. The #rightroute.

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