This summer at the Welsh capital is looking to be vibrant, with the Principality Stadium announcing a star-studded roster of music artists.

From exhilarating city-wide events to captivating concerts, there’s something for everybody to look forward to. This not only promises a great time for attendees but also a golden opportunity for businesses to make their mark through OOH (out-of-home) advertising.

With the influx of visitors and heightened local activity, OOH advertising plays a crucial role. Strategically placed advertisements can significantly boost visibility and engagement for businesses through capturing the attention of a diverse audience. As Cardiff gears up for this summer, now is the optimal moment for businesses to leverage OOH advertising to maximise their reach and impact.

This Summer…

We kick off the summer with Cardiff hosting the highly anticipated sold-out The Eras Tour with Taylor Swift promising an unforgettable experience for her fans. Adding to the excitement, the Foo Fighters will electrify with a monumental performance that promises to be one of the seasons biggest highlights. Billy Joel will be closing out the summer concert season with another unforgettable performance. Taking place at the Principality Stadium, these events will attract thousands of attendees, presenting the perfect advertising opportunity…

At Route, we have several areas within the venue that act as an excellent tool for engaging with fans on event-day.

Static Branding

Strategically placed static advertising ensures consistent exposure for attendees. These high-visibility spots capture attention and leave a lasting impression:

Our illuminated lightboxes enhance brand messaging ensuring it will stand out in low-light conditions.

Restrooms are often overlooked spaces; our A4 posters can be leveraged to turn a routine visit into a brand interaction.

Our large, eye-catching Canvases are impactful advertising that command attention and convey your message clearly and effectively.

 static branding route media

Digital Branding

Our digital branding options are another key addition to add to your OOH strategy:

Full Screen Digital Displays deliver vibrant, high-resolution advertisements that are perfect for showcasing dynamic content and eye-catching visuals.

Our innovative Alpha Wrap provides a seamless and immersive experience, maximising visibility from multiple angles.

Positioned strategically around food and beverage stands, these Digital Screens reach the audience while waiting for refreshments. This is prime placement for targeted advertising.

 digital branding route media digital branding route media2

With a lineup of world-class events, Cardiff is set to be a hub of excitement. Route Media’s innovative advertising solutions - both static and digital – offer businesses the chance to shine and connect with thousands of potential customers.


All concourse branding is subject to approval from Principality Stadium.