Showcasing entertainment across the country, with Wales Millennium Centre.

Wales Millennium Centre, a renowned cultural venue in Cardiff wanted to promote a number of its amazing shows using Route range of environments. 

Tasked with creating a strategic campaign to promote the centre’s events and offerings, we’ve worked across a range of shows, from popular musicals such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, Les Misérables and family friendly events such as Bluey Live.

Our work with the team aims to increase footfall to Wales Millennium Centre, raise awareness about upcoming shows and events, and solidify the centre’s position as a premium cultural destination in Wales.

We conducted a thorough analysis of the centre’s target audience, identifying key demographics and consumer behaviours. Leveraging this data, we designed a multi-faceted out-of-home advertising strategy that included:

  1. Billboards: Strategic placement on our large format boards in high-traffic areas across Cardiff and surrounding regions to capture the attention of commuters and pedestrians.
  2. Digital Screens: Running on our digital screens in prominent locations such as retail parks and busy main roads to showcase dynamic content, including event highlights, artist spotlights, and ticket offers.
  3. Across Rail: Targeting commuters whether that be locals or tourists looking for things to do in the area.

We execute every campaign with precision, ensuring that each creative aligns with Wales Millennium Centre's audience. With our help, they can monitor campaign performance in real-time, making necessary adjustments to optimise reach and engagement.

The varied out-of-home campaigns have consistently generated significant buzz around Wales Millennium Centre, leading to a noticeable increase in footfall and ticket sales. The centre experienced heightened visibility in the community, attracting both loyal patrons and new audiences to its diverse array of cultural offerings.

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